Buddy and Blossom Guardian Fund

Unfortunately, pet owners sometimes pass away before their pets.  This results in an animal who has likely been in a wonderful, loving home for the majority of its life and now finds itself homeless.  For any animal, especially an older one, the transition from a home to a kennel environment combined with the loss of their person can be difficult.  This can often result in anxiety and stress-related behaviors such as excessive licking, chewing, pacing, and other issues.  The quicker we can find a new, loving home for these animals outside a shelter environment, the better.   

The Buddy and Blossom Guardian Fund was created in honor of longtime LTBHS Events Coordinator, Teresa Chaney, and her husband, Chris, to recognize their amazing dedication to taking in animals whose prior owners have passed away.  Several years ago, Teresa and Chris selflessly took in miniature poodle, Buddy who, at 10 years old, lost his owner when he passed away.  A few years later, they adopted Blossom, a 13-year-old dog who belonged to a beloved friend of the shelter. 

Their dedication to these dogs has inspired the creation of the Buddy and Blossom Guardian Fund which aims to care for and find homes for animals whose owners have passed away.  It gives owners the peace of mind of knowing that their beloved pet will be well cared for and placed in a loving home after they’re gone.